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Tax Strategy

Paying taxes is the least desirable payment we want to make. Over one’s lifetime, one of the largest – if not THE largest – outlays in income will be on paying taxes. If the goal is to pay the lowest amount in taxes possible, then tax planning – particularly tax planning in advance – is […]

Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is arguably just as important as everything that has gone before it in the life cycle of a business. If you’re close to retirement, have you thought carefully about what you want to do with your business? Will you leave your company to a family member, or sell it to your business […]

Balcomb Financial Associates is a full-range tax, financial and business strategy advisory firm. Our goal is to help your business grow, and to maximize profits and minimize taxes while doing it. We work hand-in-hand with you to evaluate your company’s strengths and areas of challenge, followed by developing an action plan that will help your business thrive. By partnering with us, you will have access to a network of business experts and investors, who will be an integral part of creating and lean, sustainable and profitable business. The increased business value you develop, along with tax planning will drive your company’s future cash flow and will support you in your exit strategy, whether that is retiring, selling, or transferring ownership of your business to your heirs.


What our clients are saying.

  • I am a practicing attorney and have practiced in the areas of estate planning, entity planning, tax planning and transition planning for over 31 years.  I have known Susan for over three years, and have found that she is not only well organized and productive but is also innovative and creative in her approach to her client’s issues.  I highly recommend Susan.

    - Steven Vinton- Bacon-Vinton Law
  • “I have known Susan since 1986, that’s when we became business partners. She was the driving force of our business; never afraid to take on a challenge. When she moved to the mountains in 1989 I purchased her share of the business. She is diligent about her continuing education and an inspiration to me. I still enjoy her monthly newsletters.”

    - Denise Banton E.A.
  • “Excellent tax and accounting background and abilities. Prompt work product and great communication skills.”

    - Nick Kellem Attorney at Joseph H. Thibodeau, P.C. Oct 21, 2013
  • “Susan has been a valued partner in tax planning for mutual clients and is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of debt relief, bookkeeping and accounting, and now tax preparation! I hate to have her as a competitor in the tax preparation arena, but applaud the effort and professionalism she brings to our field of expertise. Go, Susan, go!”

    - Robert M. Herrell, President, RMH Projects, Inc. 2012
  • “Susan Balcomb has been doing our complex tax returns for many years and we highly recommend her. She is professional, knowledgeable, responsive, reasonably priced, efficient, accurate, helpful, and all this with a great attitude and sense of humor. We use her services for our business and personal tax returns and so do all our family members. We are so glad we found Susan!”

    - 2011 Debbie King Bloomingvails, LLC
  • “I have worked with Susan for a short period of time but my experience has been great. She is very easy to talk to regarding complicated information. She also explains it in a language that I can understand.”

    - 3-11-2009 Esgar Acosta, Diamante Security
  • “Susan did a great job in helping my company grow and with all of the accounting that goes along with that. I highly recommend her.” Service Category: Accountant      Year first hired: 2008     Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, On Time

    - Durk Price, eAccountable LLC

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