Deferred Sales Trust

A Deferred Sales Trust is a powerful tax-deferral tool if you are considering the sale of a business, corporation, or real estate. Sales of highly appreciated assets of this type will most likely incur capital gains taxes associated with a sale, but a Deferred Sales Trust gives investors the option to defer capital gains when […]

Tax Form 8971 – If Missed Could Cost You BIG!

Beneficiaries Acquiring Property From Descendants   As our society continues to age we are new seeing estates beginning to distribute their assets. On Tax Form 8971, you will find the list of these distributions and this form could be delivered at any point during the year. Please don’t forget to forward this to your Tax Preparer!!! […]

What Really Is Reasonable Compensation?

Reasonable Compensation for Shareholders who work for the Corporation When a stockholder works for her/his own corporation, she or must be on the company payroll and paid a reasonable amount of salary for the services performed. The Government Accountability Office has reported many employment tax abuses with respect to S corporation shareholders who worked for the […]